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Age Range:
6 weeks – 1 year
Areas of Learning:

Social Skills

Baby Signs®

Developing Creative Potential

Loving Beginnings

You can be confident when you select Little Scholars to care for your precious baby. We are committed to making this first transition away from home natural and easy for both you and your child.

Our caregivers are professionally trained, mature and responsible staff. Your baby will enjoy cuddling as they look at simple picture books with our caregivers. Through a variety of age-appropriate activities your baby will develop both large and small motor skills. Daily, your baby will be taken by caregivers for a stroll to let them enjoy and experience the outdoors in a fenced, safe environment.

We will follow your infant profile sheet, according to your own mothering-style, so that you always know your baby is being cared for as you instructed. During these early months we understand that protection, comfort, stimulation and loving care will be the key to your babies development and your peace of mind.