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We love to hear from our parents!

We sincerely appreciate all of the kind words from our parents. We encourage you to read the Parent Reviews for Little Scholars Private Preschool below. We are also happy to connect you with one of our current parents via e-mail or phone so you can get their feedback on what we believe is the top preschool around!

“My children have attended Little Scholars II since January 2009 and have loved every minute of it. My son started school in 2010 and his teachers were amazed at how advanced he was. I believe he was ready due to the wonderful Pre-K program. My daughter was counting to 10 in Spanish at age 2. Both of my children loved their teachers very much in each room, and the staff has been great with helping during transitions. I have worked in other childcare facilities and had my son in 2 others day and nothing compares. I am grateful to have found and become a part of the Little Scholars family!”

Kim Skaggs

“Thank you for taking such good care of our baby. You and the Little Scholars staff provided a great foundation of an education. We appreciate your listening and concerned ears, your support and understanding over the past two years. My child’s excitement for learning stems from you all. Thank you so much for everything!”

Maurice & Margie Haygood

“We began attending Little Scholar’s a little over a year ago.  We attended another child care facility for one year prior to Little Scholars.  We have been very pleased with the teachers and the management in the front office.  The curriculum is outstanding and our little girl learns more everyday.  I think that every teacher in the building knows my child.  I would highly recommend Little Scholars to new parents.”

Heather Parrino

“It has been such a blessing for my family to have been offered the opportunity to be part of Little Scholars.  You have all been such a tremendous support in all that you’ve done for me, Maddie and Noah.  It breaks my heart to leave a place where so many people have loved and cared for my children the way each of you has.  We will miss all of you and can’t thank you enough for going above and beyond for us!”

Becca, Maddie, and Noah Mullins

“The Willingham Family would like to thank every staff member at Little Scholars for everything you do.  Thank you for teaching, loving, (and) caring for the children.  You are wonderful!”

Luke, Lee, and Janel Willingham

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